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Typewriter Repair

American Typewriter & Office Equipment is the premier office equipment dealer and specialist for typewriter repair solutions in San Antonio...

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Printer Repair

Based in San Antonio, TX, American Typewriter & Office Equipment is the name to call if you need basic to complex printer repair...

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Copier Sales

American Typewriter & Office Equipment is your trusted office equipment dealer and repair service provider in San Antonio, TX. We have the widest...

American Typewriter & Office Equipment delivers reasonable prices on typewriter repair and copier sales.

Welcome To American Typewriter & Office Equipment

American Typewriter & Office Equipment proudly serves San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. We are the oldest office equipment dealer in the area and we have an expanding service portfolio and growing customer base.

In 1974, our business started as an office supply dealer and our many years in the industry allowed us to expand our portfolio in order to cater to the changing needs of our corporate clients. We offer conventional office supplies such as typewriters, and modern equipment from printers to copiers.

You can call us for all your typewriter repair and printer repair needs because we handle all types of models, brands and office equipment. Our typewriter repair service is guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and comes with a competitive service rate even for the tightest of budgets. We also provide a printer repair service and fix a variety of different printer models and brands.

With our copy machine sales, you can find the best office equipment for heavy-duty requirements or personal use. Our service also includes copy printer repairs so that you can return the unit to us if there are problems or if your machine requires maintenance.

American Typewriter & Office Equipment is a one-stop office supply dealer offering the widest assortments of repair and sales services. We have a team of professional technicians with expertise in printer, copier, and typewriter repairs. Our technicians are fully equipped, not just with skills, but also with the most advanced technology to fix and restore your office equipment.

Top Quality Repairs

Our commitment is to provide high quality repair services as well as the most versatile collection of office equipment. We specialize in different models and brands of typewriters, copiers, and printers. Our office supplies are guaranteed and sourced from major manufacturers and suppliers.

Give us a call for affordable copier sales, printer, and typewriters repairs that only American Typewriter & Office Equipment can deliver.